Campfire Orange Cinnamon Buns

In doing backyard camping earlier this month, Evan and I tried out a new recipe that will change the way you approach campfire breakfasts forever.  These orange cinnamon buns can be prepared either at home (and stored in a cooler) or onsite — whichever preference works for you!

Campfire Orange Cinnamon Buns

– 1-2 navel oranges per person
– 1 package of your favorite cinnamon buns
– Heavy duty tin foil
First, slice each of the oranges in half and set them beside one another so you know which pair belongs to the other.
Scoop out the innards of the oranges using a spoon. Add the discarded fruit to a plastic container and reserve it for fresh-squeezed orange juice in just a bit.

Once done, unwrap the cinnamon buns from their packaging and place a bun into one half of each orange pair.  Reserve the coordinating icing for later.

Cover the cinnamon bun half with the hollow half and carefully wrap them with at least 2-3 layers of heavy duty tin foil.

Then, make your orange juice!  I found that a potato masher or something similar works well.

Once the campfire’s ready, place the orange cinnamon buns in the fire for approximately 20 minutes. Use tongs to move them around occasionally and to keep them from burning.

Enjoy your fresh-squeezed orange juice in the meantime. 🙂

Once done, unwrap the oranges and slather them with the icing.  Dig in!  You’ll want to have a plastic fork to enjoy these cinnamon buns.

As if regular cinnamon buns aren’t amazing enough, the orange peel and leftover scrapings of the orange itself infuse into the cinnamon rolls, turning them into an even more decadent breakfast than ever.  

I had to battle Evan for the leftovers, so be prepared to do the same with your family.

Hope you enjoy these orange cinnamon buns and your camping experience as much as we did!

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