Meet Harper!

A little one joined our home three weeks ago.
Her name is Harper, and she is an 11-week old Rottweiler.  Her namesake is a cross between Washington Nationals’ Bryce Harper and author Harper Lee.
My parents had a Rottweiler when I was very little.  She was an obedience champion, and my dad took her to many competitions. I’ve always admired the breed and vowed that I’d one day get a Rottie of my own.  Here she is!

So far, she’s integrated well into our little family. The Corgis seem to enjoy having a little sister. Zubrus keeps an eye out on her to ensure she doesn’t get into trouble. He also herds her back toward the house if she ventures too far in the yard. Meanwhile, Crash is her biggest pal. The two of them are constantly chasing each other, wrestling, or chomping on toys right beside each other.

We love her already!

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