What’s Stopping You?

Many friends, family members, and readers have told me, “I wish my house looked like yours.”

I don’t mean to be rude, or selfish, or inconsiderate, but instead of thanking the person for their thoughtfulness, I want to tell them:

“Then what’s stopping you?”

Over the years, I’ve heard others say that they’d love to one day redo their kitchen, or finish their basement, or create a garden.  It’s always left to “someday.”

Why?  Usually it’s due to the lack of funding or timing.  Or both.

But think about it.  When will you ever have the money or the time to do it? You can’t wait until your kids are grown, when your mortgage is paid off, or when you’ll find a better career.  It’ll never be the perfect time.  Your plans will turn into another New Year’s resolution that won’t come to fruition.

Perhaps I’m too impatient.  Maybe a little compulsive.  Or lack a general sense of self control.  But if I don’t have the funds to do something, I get creative.  If I don’t have time, I work weeknights and an occasional weekend.  I still have many chances to paint a room, refinish a cabinet, or sew some curtains.  All of those little things add up, and eventually I find myself standing in a home that I’m proud to show off.  And so can you!

And now, what began as a starter home has turned into my dream home.

So here I am, telling you this:

What’s stopping you?

1 thought on “What’s Stopping You?”

  1. So true – even though life and jobs sometimes do get in the way! =) Last week I just didn't like my office anymore with the new curtains I had installed, so I picked up some paint and painted it in one afternoon. If I can do it so can you! =)


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