Board and Batten Dining Room

My favorite room in our house is our dining room, and that is mostly due to its bright red walls that I painted one year ago.
All of our furniture is black, and I’ve noticed that this has presented a bit of a problem for our dining room.  It seems — especially at night — that each piece of black furniture we own seems to hide next to the red walls.  They don’t stand out very well on their own.
This was especially true with a wine tower that I have in one corner next to our kitchen.
After much debate, I thought of my latest obsession as a potential solution: board and batten.  
I thought that not only would the board and batten brighten the walls, but it’d make our dining room a little bit more elegant, too.  So I went for it!

To complete the board and batten, I bought 8′ long, 2″ wide, thin strips of molding and 8′ long, 2″ wide, and approximately 1/2″ thicker strips of molding from Lowe’s.  These are called lattices.  
I decided to make each lattice 19″ apart.  Therefore, I walked throughout the dining room, measuring and marking where every 19″ was along the wall.
Once done, I placed my first lattice directly above the baseboard and flush with the X on the wall.  I used a level to ensure that it was straight against the wall.

Once everything was set, I used my air compressor, brad nailer, and 1 1/4″ brad nails to secure the lattice to the wall.  

I then continued throughout the dining room until every lattice was installed.

Once the lattices were in place, I took the thicker molding and installed them directly on top of the lattices.  That way, they “capped” off the board and batten.  I installed the molding one piece at a time to determine what the length for my next piece would be.

Once all of the cap boards were installed, I filled all the nail holes with painter’s caulk, and then began to paint!  I chose Olympic’s “Crumb Cookie” in satin.  As I described in my original dining room reveal, it had taken me 12 coats of red paint to complete the job.  As a result, I chose to use Olympic’s “One” paint, which is a combination of paint and primer.  This stuff is a miracle.  Just two coats of “Crumb Cookie” was enough to completely cover the red walls.
Remember the before?

Well, here’s the after!

It’s a small change, but I feel that it helps distinguish our dining room a bit more.  It also makes our house look a bit like a cottage.
The board and batten also helps make our furniture pop!  
And here is our Steamer Bar (from Crate and Barrel) in its full glory.

This hallway leads into the master bedroom and the laundry closet.  I’d say that they look a little more refined, too.

I am so thankful that I installed board and batten in our dining room.  It was exactly what the room needed.  All that’s left is to add some pictures and install crown molding, but that’s for another weekend!

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