Sunshine Award

Holly at Full Circle Creations completely surprised me by honoring Paint Speckled Pawprints with the Sunshine Award on Saturday.  I’m thrilled.  Thank you very much, Holly!

The rules are as follows:
1. Link the award to the person who gave it to you.
2. Answer the questions that come along with it.
3. Surprise a fellow blogger by awarding him/her with it!
Now, here are some questions and answers about me!
1.  Favorite Color

If you’ve been paying any remote attention to my blog, you will know that I adore color.  The brighter, the bolder, the better.  That’s why I love red.  Everything I have ever owned is red.  Cars, backpacks, glasses and serveware, kitchen appliances… even my bridesmaids wore it at our wedding.  One of my favorite rooms in our house is my dining room, and that is because it’s red and sassy.

Dining Room Reveal
2.  Favorite Animal
Life never seems quite complete unless there is a puppy sitting on your feet.  I love all dogs, and if I didn’t have any self-control, I’d probably own 10 of them.  I currently have two Pembroke Welsh Corgis, Zubrus and Crash, who are my fur kids.
3.  Favorite Number
This is a strange little story.  For my eighth grade Civics exam, I had to memorize the dates that numerous dictators had reigned throughout world history.  There was a list of 10 to 15 dictators, so I came up with mnemonic devices to remember these dates of rule.  Right before the exam, I panicked because I couldn’t remember when Fidel Castro first came into power.  I quickly checked my notes, saw that it was 1959, and started chanting, “59, 59, 59, 59, 59…”  My classmates told me afterward that they remembered Castro’s years thanks to that.  Since then, well, my lucky number’s been 59!
4.  Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink
Lemonade.  I always store several containers of lemonade concentrate in my freezer for emergencies.
Nothing better!
5.  Facebook or Twitter
Both.  I used to make fun of Twitter mercilessly… that is, until I set up a personal Twitter page as well as one for my blog.  Now I’m a little obsessed.  I don’t have a smart phone, so I don’t tweet as much as I would like (perhaps that’s a good thing!), but I really do like it.  It’s great for laughs and for sports news and updates.  And, of course, I love Facebook.  It’s helped me stay in touch with a lot of friends and family over the years.  
6.  My Passion
As I mentioned in my last post, writing is my one true passion.  I’ve been writing since I was eight years old, and then majored in English (Creative Writing) in college.  My favorite styles are fiction, creative non-fiction, and poetry.  I hope to one day publish a New York Times Bestseller.  Just one!  I do believe that my current murder mystery novel, Murderers Who Come with Smiles, has that potential.  I presented the first chapter of my novel at a undergraduate research conference last year, and I’ll never forget the way the audience gasped as I was reading.  It was a pretty powerful, almost surreal moment.  A true inspiration to keep writing!
7.  Giving or Receiving
I think I look forward to my family’s birthdays more than they do!  I tend to go overboard with gifts.  I can’t help myself.  I just have this overwhelming need to spoil everyone I love.  They deserve it!  Weddings, too.  I get into trouble at Crate and Barrel and Pier 1 Imports when it comes to friends’ and family’s wedding and bridal shower gifts!
8.  Favorite Pattern
You know, I don’t really have one!  I guess the closest would be polka dots, but even then, meh.
9.  Favorite Day of the Week
I never truly valued weekends until after I started working full time and when we bought our house.  In college, Saturdays were just another day to lounge around and watch movies.  I live for my Saturdays now. I spend every single Saturday either out in the yard or painting.  It’s my one day of being fully productive.
10.  Favorite Flower
Gerbera Daisies!  They make me smile.  My mom always had a gerber patch right outside of her front stoop.  I incorporated bright red gerbers into my wedding as cake toppers, bridesmaids’ bouquets, and groomsmen’s boutonnieres. 

© Jonathan Taylor Photography

Now, I would love to claim that I sat here deliberating this for hours, but really, choosing the new awardee of the Sunshine Award is an easy one for me.  One of my biggest supporters and favorite bloggers out there, Meg from the Nutmeg Place, deserves this award more than anyone!  Meg is hilariously witty, full of life and energy, sweet and supportive, and is a great blogger friend.  She’s writes about her triumphs, her errors, and her hardships.  I’ve become teary eyed over several of her posts.  She’s what I like to call a “real” blogger.  Meg also bought her first power tools recently and has been building up a storm at her house!  I’m so proud of her.  If you don’t already follow the Nutmeg Place, be sure to check it out!

Thank you again, Holly, for the honor!  You’ve made my day!

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