Happy Birthday, Marmie!

April is a busy birthday month, for sure!

Today is my mom’s birthday.  It would be an understatement for me to say that my mom means the world to me.  I call her Marmie after the term of endearment that Jo March refers to her mother in Louisa Alcott’s Little Women.

Marmie is the Vice President of Social Marketing at a public relations firm in Washington, DC.  She is also an Adjunct Professor in Public Relations and Corporate Communications at Georgetown University.  I have never met someone who works as hard or is as dedicated to her job as she is.  Even as a working mom, family has always been Marmie’s number one priority.

Since she lives in Northern Virginia, Marmie commutes two hours each way to DC for work — yet she never missed any of my brother’s Little League games.  At each one of these games, Marmie kept track of the score, ran the concession stands, screamed her lungs out for every player on the team, and taught me everything there is to know about baseball, its tactics, and Roberto Clemente.  Marmie got her love for baseball from Pappap, her father, who used to coach and play centerfield.

Marmie is the youngest of her two sisters, both of whom she loves and idolizes dearly.  It is quite a sight to see these three women together — they’re loud, they’re boisterous, and they’re always laughing and having the time of their lives.

Marmie treats her friends, my friends, Cory’s friends, and my Dad’s friends like family.  She loves to be around large groups of people to laugh, dance, cook, eat, drink, and have fun.

When I was in middle school, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She still worked, she still went to Cory’s baseball games, and she still hosted large Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter dinners — all the while traveling to Georgetown every day for her oncology appointments.  She has since been cancer-free for 11 years.  I think that experience has reinforced her beliefs that nothing should be more important than your family, that you should always be giving to others, and to just live the life you’re meant to live.

Since Cory and I no longer live in Northern Virginia, Marmie makes a huge effort to visit as often as she can.  She has not once missed a Hokie football game and is, I dare admit, one of the most endearing Hokie fans out there.

She yells as loud as she can when we are on defense:

She endures monsoons:
She braves the cold on Thursday night home games:
She cries, prays, curses, and panics for just about every key play:
And she certainly knows how to celebrate a Hokie win:
Marmie is the most unselfish, charitable, and loving person I know, whose entire world revolves around her life in Northern Virginia with my Dad:
Her love and admiration for her son, Cory:
Her “grandpuppies:”
And me.  I couldn’t wish for a better mother than Marmie.  She is my best friend.
Marmie, I know you’ll be arriving in my driveway in just a few short hours, and I can’t wait to give you a giant birthday hug.  Hope you have an amazing birthday weekend with us!

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