Master Bathroom Preview

My big plan for this weekend is to finish our master bathroom.  This has been a project in the works for a few weeks now, and I’m starting to get a little antsy.  It’s coming together really nicely, and I just have a few more projects to accomplish before it’s finally finished!

Here is what our master bathroom looked like on our home’s inspection day:

To me, it was just an extremely bleak, builder’s grade space.  Fortunately, the tub, shower stall, toilet, countertops, and tile were all in great shape.  The bathroom itself just needed a little cosmetic facelift to make it more attractive, functional, and inviting.
I began by painting the walls with Olympic’s “Alpine Valley.”
And added a few of Rustoleum’s “Oil Rubbed Bronze” accents.
I’ve also utilized five of my New Year’s Resolution materials to help transform the place, which include:
Power Tools

It’s certainly been a lot of work, but I am so stinkin’ excited to reveal the new bathroom to you!  Stay turned!

4 thoughts on “Master Bathroom Preview”

  1. So exciting redoing a bathroom! I need to finish mine. Maybe this will make me get off my behind and do it! I'm sure yours will be beautiful. Can't wait to see pics.

    I'm following through Linky Followers Blog Hop. Hope you will visit, stay awhile, and follow back if you'd like. Have a wonderful weekend!


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