All About Doors

Both our front door and kitchen door (which leads to the mudroom) were white with gold hardware (our interior doors, too, had gold knobs).  They also looked as though they hadn’t been cleaned since the house was built, and had dirt buildup and grunge all over them.  It was time to give them a much-needed facelift.

Front door: Before
Kitchen door: Before
We solved this problem by painting them with Rustoleum’s specialized Door Paint in Cranberry.  I thought the bold color would go well with our house’s gray and black exterior and coordinate with our red kitchen cabinets.
Beware:  This stuff smells.
My mom visited for a week and a half in November.  During her stay, we painted both doors, the foyer, and all three bathrooms.  I love her, and could not have done it without her help.
My mom, working hard.  I owe her big time.
We learned that the trick to painting doors is to paint the crevices with a sturdy brush and then use a foam roller for the flat surfaces.  Use painter’s tape to cover the locks and glass windows.  Oh, and open the windows to release the fumes… we became a bit loopy halfway through painting.

The doors needed two coats of red for each, and required a solid three hours to dry before we could close them shut.  I initially left the gold hardware as it was, thinking that I could just live with it.  I managed to survive a day with the gold before deciding that it, too, had to go.

Bye, bye, nastiness.

Evan and I love the oil bronze look in hardware, faucets, and light fixtures.  I had originally planned to spray paint all of the gold interior door handles with an oil bronze finish.  After seeing that Lowe’s doorknob sets were priced at $10 apiece, however, we decided to just buy new ones instead of salvaging the originals.  My justification for this was that I was unsure how much of a beating spray painted handles could take, and I probably would’ve gone through four or five spray paint cans for the doorknobs anyway.

So, Evan spent the rest of the afternoon installing 11 new door handles.  The result was, in our opinion, completely worth it.

All of the doors now look brand new.  It is amazing how much of a difference a little paint and a change in hardware can make!

Kitchen door: After

Outside of kitchen door
Inside of front door 
Front door: After!

1 thought on “All About Doors”

  1. tip from a painter we used: after painting exterior doors, allow to dry all day, then at night when you are ready to close/lock them apply a thin coat of Vaseline to the edges to prevent new paint from sticking/pulling off


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